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In this day and age where India is growing rapidly in every aspect of the economy, Manufacturing and Exports have gained the upper hand in boosting the GDP and the overall economy of India. India has ranked 3rd in the listing 48 countries as the most suitable place for manufacturing in the world.

Government of India is emphasizing manufacturing for “Self-Reliant India” or “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and “Vocal for Local” initiatives. These initiatives are focusing more on Manufacturing locally for Global Exports. The environment is being planned, implemented, and nurtures to set up “One Product, One District” such that each region of a State in India, has an opportunity for Manufacturing, Agriculture, Services, and thus growth. The Government Schemes under these initiatives are based on performance-linked incentives, finances, loans, subsidies, etc for this kind of manufacturing unit, falling under MSME.

The above encourages and motivates small manufacturers of all kinds to take advantage for betterment, exports, and of course profits. Many of the MSME Units have started getting Export Import Training through consultants or Training Institutions to enter this most coveted opportunity given by the Government of India.

In India, the MSMEs are budgeting for Training, development, and Skills enhancement for their Staff. The human resources over the next three to four years; the mantra of the program is “New Skills for New World”. This creates an opportunity for Learning and Development ( L & D ) of the MSME staff.

This, in turn, creates a need to “upscale the staff”, facilitating them with the knowledge and skills needed for the new Global World. The MSMEs are focusing currently to integrate Technological upgrades and Knowledge for the World Market. The MSMEs also want their teams to have enhanced Skills such as persuasive, value communication, data-driven critical thinking, and business analytics.

Micro, Small or Medium Enterprises or Companies are referred to here as Corporate in the making. The MSME needs to have a paradigm shift with vision and change the outlook of the staff too through proper training to make advancement in the Company for Global Market, Foreign Trade, and International business or simply put in Export and Import.

What is Corporate Training?

Corporate training is the process of training employees through a system of activities that teach employees by using various forms of learning programs. It acts as a mechanism to success for employees, which, in turn, means the success of your business/organization as a whole.

In India, most business owners avoid the option of L&D due to the large cost involved for an in-house department under HR.

Hence, Corporate Training for various verticals of businesses has emerged such that the Companies have “lighter expenses” and yet the Workforce is trained as per the requirement in sync with the vision of the Company.

Through well-known and established training Institutions small and big companies can hire Corporate Trainers which in turn will be more affordable and result-driven.

Benefits of Corporate Training:

  1. Improved Cost-efficiency

    There is no doubt in the fact that hiring new employees is always expensive for an organization. Compared to new hires, spending on a proven team has shown that the ROI of corporate training is always a benefit. Training can drastically reduce the costs for a company as there is no need for an allotment of a salary package, fringe benefits, medical expenses, etc., for a new employee.

  2. Increased Morale and Motivation

    Over decades, one of the concerns for employees has always been low motivation to work. Spending in corporate training helps create a supportive environment, and it shows employees that they are valued. This will allow the employees to work harder for the organization, as not all employees are motivated by money alone.

  3. Increased Employee Retention

    With a small L & D budget, WorkForce benefits from Skills, knowledge, performance, motivation and also feels “important”. This will make the staff stay with the company longer with loyalty too.

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To be Less Dependent on Imports,
Atmanirbhar Bharat

Going Local
PM Modi asserts on going local. His Mantra to be followed up with concrete measures
On The Table
  • Tax incentive to make local production competitive
  • Preferential treatment for local products
States Could be ropes in as well
  • Non-Trariff Barriers to discourage imports
  • Measures to aid brand building by India Inc
  • Ease of Doing Business for Industry
  • Furniture, leather, pharma sectors in focus

With having headquarters in Ahemdabad (Gujarat) the land of business, it is expanding throughout South Asia via a growing network of 34+ learning centers to facilitate blended and open learning options to Corporates. iiiEM currently has a physical presence in 4 countries and has plans to expand to 5 additional countries within the next two years.

The International Institute of Import and Export Management (iiiEM) is an independent corporate academic institution with Gujarat roots and global reach, founded 13 years ago by a real entrepreneur for entrepreneurs to corporates every business. Since its creation, iiiEM has been a pioneering force in developing leaders who renovate organizations and contribute to society.

Values of iiiEM Corporate

  • Lead the way in Corporate Training
  • Unlocking blocks to growth and expansion
  • Mutual Collaboration
  • Courageous Initiator

iiiEM contribution to the regional economy

  • Trained 200+ Corporates
  • Trained 30000+ Executives
  • 34+ Destinations across India & abroad
  • 5000+ start-ups supported by iiiEM
  • Millions of Dollars as a foreign reserve by more than 1 lakh individual participants

Export is a first and foremost way to get maximum foreign currency by government of any country and so for India. India is the pioneer of International trade and it is our legacy to produce and provide required products from India to any corner of the world.

India Exports - Historical Data
Year Billion's of US $ % of GDP
2020 $474.15B 18.08%
2019 $529.02B 18.43%
2018 $538.64B 19.94%
2017 $498.26B 18.79%
2016 $439.64B 19.16%
2015 $416.79B 19.81%
2014 $468.35B 22.97%
2013 $472.18B 25.43%
2012 $448.40B 24.53%
2011 $447.38B 24.54%
2010 $375.35B 22.40%

About iiiEM Corporate

iiiEM has now ventured into Corporate Training for the MSMEs. With a background of having mentored successful exporters and importers individually, now iiiEM works with Companies also for their internal L&D for Import and Export Management.

It is found from our last two years of pilot projects with various Companies, that the Companies have very loyal and tenured staff who if trained in Export-Import, can perform well and bring in more revenue for the Company.

Why iiiEM Corporate Training?

From day one iiiEM has focused on giving wings to leaders who can skyrocket the growth of their organization and hence hundreds of Corporates are very much contented with the corporate training of iiiEM.

iiiEM is working on “Mission Golden Bird” where we wish to bring the Golden Bird Days back in India by generating maximum export by MSMEs by educating their workforce to enter and expand their businesses across borders.

Having more than 15 years of experience in export, a large pool of Experienced and wise faculties across India in multiple languages iiiEM is an industry leader providing practical corporate training in all aspects. iiiEM does have the strength, capacity, and experience to train any level of management and corporates to understand international trade or any kind of skills thoroughly.

USP of iiiEM Corporate Training

  • Customized Training Modules
  • Pre-assessment of clients’ requirement
  • Customizable Program Contents & Duration
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Practical Approach in Teaching
  • Well-versed with Cast Studies Methodology
  • Well Experienced & intelligent Faculties
  • Multiple languages Modules
  • Content Development by Industry Leaders
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iiiEM Corporate Training Modules

  • Export Management
  • Import Management
  • Import & Export Management
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Pre-Post Shipment Documents
  • International Marketing
  • Marine & Cargo Operations
  • Port Economics and Finance
  • Port Security Management, safety & Environment
  • Soft Skills Development
  • Branding and Marketing Management

Addition to above, iiiEM Corporate provides training on

  • Branding and Marketing Solutions – includes website/app development, logo designing, content development, B2B/B2C Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO development etc.
  • Providing solutions to be prepared for participating in any domestic or international trade fairs
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • International and National government agencies
  • Inco-Terms & Costing
  • Shipping n Logistics
  • Product & Market Research
  • International Marketing
  • International Buyers Finding / Identifying
  • Pre-Post Shipment Documents
  • Custom Clearance Procedure
  • Supply Chain Process
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills

Commercials with Execution Guidelines for Training:-

  • Charges are based on 6 hrs per session/topic
  • Languages: Gujarati, Hindi, English
  • Mode of Training – Physical or Online 
No. of Attendees Online Offline
1 – 10 20000/- 35000/-
11 – 25 30000/- 50000/-
26 - 40 40000/- 65000/-
  • Above commercials are for one session for duration of 6 hrs
  • Payment must have to be cleared before 7 Days of training conduction
  • Material ( PDFs) will be provided in Soft Copies by Email
  • Certificates will be provided on the last day of the program with mutual understanding
  • In offline, traveling and dining of faculty will be managed by Client/Company
  • One Coordinator for the session must be present while training in case any requirement
  • Both parties will share their feedback and experience certificate at the end

Customized Session Modules

6 Hrs 12 Hrs 18 Hrs 24 Hrs
2 hrs * 3 Days 3 hrs * 4 Days 3 hrs * 6 Days 3 hrs * 8 Days
3 hrs * 2 Days 6 hrs * 2 Days 6 hrs * 3 Days 6 hrs * 4 Days
6 hrs * 1 Day      

Customized Session Modules

  • Viraj Profiles Ltd – Mumbai & Delhi
  • Cogo Port – Mumbai
  • Lakshmi Industries – Pune
  • Elita International – Mumbai
  • ICICI Bank, Mumbai
  • Mitsubishi Electrical Engineering, Bangalore
  • ITC ESPB Division, Chennai
  • CSRC Group, Delhi
  • AIGLET Suppliers Pvt Ltd, Kolkatta

iiiEM Mentors - Best in Industry

  • Rich Experience in various aspects of Export-Import business
  • Either working/worked for any Exporting company or doing his/her own business of export-import /consultancy
  • 75+ faculties across India
  • Multiple language Fluency
  • In-depth & updated knowledge
  • Practical Methodology
  • Worked/working for companies like govt agencies DGFT, FIEO, ECGC, and private MNCs like Reliance, Welspun, GACL, Adani Exports, Symphony India, HNG Float Glass


For  More Details

Contact No : +91 757 303 6095

Email ID : corporate@iiiem.in